Sunday, September 16, 2012

Roasted Tortellini Pasta

Hey everyone!

So, last week I was on a business trip. I'm not sure how I feel about it. I missed the kids like crazy, but got to eat food outside of corn dogs, hot dogs, pizza, chicken get the picture...I missed the kids like crazy, but got to play bingo at a bingo hall, had fun, but didn't win anything. Sat in 2 days of meetings/classes, but got to meet some new interesting people. Had a fabulous hotel room all to myself, but missed my husband so I couldn't sleep. The fire alarm went off every morning at 6:30 am for over an hour. Called front desk and both mornings, they sent security, not maintenance, so nothing ever got fixed, BUT my stay was FREE!!! So my conclusion is this...even though there were some positives to my crazy travel, I do NOT like to travel by myself! So next time, the fam has got to come with me!!! Michael and the boys had fun here on the home front though...

Michael stayed home from work, took Adam & Jack swimming at the local YMCA while Lance was in school, which the boys loved! He took them out to the hunting land because yesterday was the start of the bow hunting season and they wanted to make sure everything was good to go! Michael was pretty excited to use our Easy Lunch Boxes to make Lance's lunches. He even took a picture of one of the days when I was gone!!! To me, he did over pack, but it's the thought and effort that counts! HEHEHE...

Anyways, wanted to share a quick recipe I made up this weekend! I have an overwhelming stock pile of ripe tomatoes in my garden and had to pick all my green peppers. I'm trying to give them away, but still have too many for just me since the boys don't eat them. So I had an idea to make a sauce and let me tell you, super easy and SUPER delish!!! Hope you enjoy!

Roasted Tortellini Pasta
1 package Frozen Tortellini, could use homemade or boxed...

For the Sauce
{Makes 1 pint}

5 Large Beefy Tomatoes, tops off and sliced 1/2" thick
1 Green Bell Pepper, tops off, seeds out, and quartered {could use red, yellow or orange as well...}
1 Medium Onion, Sliced 1/4" thick and then quartered
1 Head of Garlic, Pealed
3 Tlb. Olive Oil
1/4 tsp. Crushed Red Pepper Flakes
2 tsp. Salt
1/2 tsp. Salt
1/2 tsp. Dried Basil {mine is from my garden, but any will do, could even use fresh}
1.  Preheat oven to 450 degrees, line pan. Prepare all vegetables, layer into pan, drizzle with 2 Tlb. Olive Oil & sprinkle with half the salt & pepper.
2. Roast vegetables 35-45 minutes.
3. When cooking time is almost done, start your pasta, drain and set aside.
4. Remove vegetables from pan and pour into a food processor. Pulse 10-15 times. Add 1 Tlb. Olive Oil, crushed red pepper flakes, 1 tsp. salt, 1/4 tsp pepper and dried basil. Pulse 5 more times.
5. Pour pasta back into sauce pan turn up heat to medium. pour in half the sauce and cook until warm.
6. Serve with parmesan cheese & some dried basil! {This is optional}

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