Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bento Goodness: Cheese Pizza Quesadilla!!!

Hey everyone!

Wow, I cannot believe we are at the start of week 2! Time is flying! The weather is changing! Kids activities are in full bloom!!! Our house if full of life and I'm loving it! I'm starting to adjust to my baby being in school. He's starting to not be so crabby when he gets home off the bus...all is well! Hehehe, for the moment anyways! We'll see what the rest of the week will bring!

My hubby will be in charge over the next few days as I will be out of town for some Gambling Meetings...and when I say that, no I don't go to GA...hehe. I'm a gambling manager at a local VFW and need to take some continuing ed classes to keep up to speed on things! It's going to be a lonely few days, BUT, I have reservations to get my "Sushi" on!!! Woot woot me! I love sushi, but unfortunately, there aren't many options for it around here, and even if there were, I wouldn't have anyone to go with!!! Insert sad face here! Hehehe...So with dad in charge and me out of the house, should make for some interesting stuff...Dad is even going to be completing BENTOS!!! I will be sure to have him take some pictures to make sure his meals are "Mom" approved!

Anyways, today's lunch consisted of:

Cheese Pizza Quesadillas
Homemade Pizza Sauce
Pear Slices

Total Cost:  $1.36

I got to use my new Mini-Easy Lunch Box dipping sauce containers which worked perfectly to house the pizza sauce! I had cheapies before, but these do not leak and are super easy to use!!! I'm in LOVE with them!!! To keep the quesadillas warm, I wrapped them in tin foil and didn't use any colors as nothing else required me to...Lance really enjoyed his lunch and requested these for tomorrow...lol...

Until next time...


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