Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Back to School: My First Bento!!!

Hey everyone! Happy Tuesday & Happy Back to School Day to all of you and your kiddos!!!

I'm excited and sad today. I feel like I'm bipolar because I keep going from proud to teary eyed in a mili second! Oh well, I'll get over it! Lance was super excited for today and ready to leave me behind. He's a very outgoing person, so I know he will thrive in any type of social environment. But for me, I'm sad because he was my first. Because today was his first day of Kindergarten. Because he will be gone 7 hours 5 days a week. Because I feel like from here on out, I'm just that much older. Or they are that much older. For all of these reason's and hole lot more, today is a struggle, but a happy struggle...


Anyways, I packed my first Bento Lunch last night using my new Easy Lunch Boxes!!! They are so nifty and super easy to use!!! I planned and planned for this lunch, but when I went to make it, certain things weren't turning out so I came up with a very uninspired bento, but still...a first is a first and it can only get better from here! LOL...

Here's what he had for lunch today:
Ham & Cheese Sandwich in the shape of an Apple with a grape worm coming out. Wheat Thins, Apple Slices & Summer Sausage & Cheese slices...Like I said, uninspired, but I think I hit on the key food groups! Not bad for a first timer!!!

Total Cost: $1.65 per serving


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