Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Bento Goodness: Peanut Butter Roll-Ups

Hey everyone!

Yesterday was a nerve racking day to say the least. I went to the gym, did some illustration work, played with my other 2 kiddos, but still about an hour before Lance was to come home for the day, I kept glancing at the clock and litterally, that was the LONGEST hour ever! I swear! LOL...He finally came home, and then went right next door to play with the neighbor kids {let him play there for 30 min}...when he finally told me about his day, he was very excited and had a wonderful time. Couldn't remember much or any friends he made...but he couldn't wait to go back today! LOL...

Here's what Lance had for lunch today:

Peanut Butter Roll-Ups
Pear Cup
Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies
Dragon Carrot Slices
Lemonade Caprison

Total Cost:  $1.44
{the carrots are from my garden, they were literally less than 1 penny, so I didn't count those in my price, and if you haven't heard of Dragon Carrots before, they are a red carrot, with orange & yellow centers, taste just like regular carrots, just really fun to look at and say! LOL...}

Roll-up tutorial:
Take your bread slices & cut the crusts off...
Roll your bread flat with a rolling pin... 
Spread with topping, you can use peanut butter & jelly, I just used peanut butter... 
Roll the bread up... 
Slice and serve...makes for an excellent snack as well!!! 

**If you are just starting out like I am with packed lunches, these containers from Easy Lunchbox are absolutely SUPER easy to use and very affordable! You get a set of 4 for $13.95!!! I'm in love with mine!!!


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