Saturday, December 17, 2011

12 Days of Christmas: Day 5

Hello everyone! Happy Saturday!

Can't believe next week is Christmas already! Absolutely crazy! Time is flying by and we don't even have snow yet! It snowed yesterday, but didn't get anything to stick! Booo!!! LOL

Anyways, I'm on day 5 of my 12 days of Christmas. Today I want to share with you one of my passions of the season. I absolutely LOVE looking for a special holiday outfit to wear for my family. Even if it's only a new pin, dress, sweater, or a pair of socks...doesn't matter, I absolutely LOVE shopping for it! This year I also discovered Polyvore, which is a site to help you visualize the perfect Christmas Attire! If you haven't checked out the website, you should, it's so fun to be a "fashionista", if only for a day! LOL...You can find the link to my "Closet" here...

Vintage style Christmas

Vintage Holiday

Comfy Cozy Christmas

A Comfy Christmas

Glitz & Glam Christmas

Splashes of Red


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