Friday, December 16, 2011

12 Days of Christmas: Day 4

Hello everyone! Happy Friday!

Welcome to my Day 4 of my 12 Days of Christmas...Everything about the Holidays scream music. It's the theme to any movie on TV or commercial. It's in an elevator ride or mall or car on any given radio station. And to me, nothing screams Christmas like listening to your favorite songs or hymns!

For me, my favorite song is What Child is This...but I also love Away in a Manger and Do You Hear What I Hear...I could listen to them over and over again. Which I do, every year on my City on a Hill CD that I've had for the past 10 years! I've even effected my oldest son, since he is now obsessed with this CD and has been for 2 years! LOL...So if you don't have this is a MUST in my opinion!

Happy Holidays!!!


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