Thursday, February 7, 2013

Photo Bomb Gone Wrong

When my friends go to the bathroom, they typically leave their cell phones either on the couch, table, or in their purses. Me being me, I think it's funny to play pranks with their phones. So I tend to "Photo Bomb" the heck out of their phones. I have given myself away from time to time, but there are other times I keep it a secret and let them discover the "bomb" all on their own. I never thought this would come back to haunt me...until now.

We had some friends over a while back. My friend got up to use the bathroom and left her phone on the couch. Yes, I photo bombed the heck out of it, to the tune of 58 pictures! It was hillarious. I wasn't looking my best because it was a friend and we were only watching a movie. But I still didn't think anything of it. I should have warned myself of the party to which I was "bombing" wasn't pretty. But the retaliation, was even less better looking! LOL...Total case of "Photo Bomb" gone wrong!!!

Fast forward to last night. I came home to this "lovely" piece of artwork on my fireplace mantle. It included 8-not-so-purdy-photo bombed photographs of me at my finest. I'm sure she meant it to be a horrific addition to my home, but little does she know, I LOVE it! I think it will be a focal point in our house for a while! 
Anyways, my lesson I learned was to know your target. Study their behaviors in their environment as well as others. Know their reactions and actions...and then target accordingly! LOL...Mission-so-not-accomplished, yet I'm still satisfied with the outcome!

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