Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Heart Valentine's Banner

Hello everyone!

So I've been going around the house, and I realized something was missing. We have absolutely NO Valentine's decorations in our house. After much debate, I printed off our names, cut them out as hearts, added a border, poked holes and added ribbon to "tie" everything together and ta-da! LOL...The entire project took less than 20 minutes and only cost me what I had in my craft room as far as supplies! Not too shabby. Maybe I'm addicted enough to create some more LOVE art around the house!
Lance was so impressed with my banner when he got home, he came and gave me a great big hug and says "I absolutely LOVE your banner! It shows how much you love us!" I'm raising such sweet sweet boys, they really do spoil me, so I'm glad to return the favor and spoil them right back! Anyways, hope this banner gives you some ideas of your own! Happy crafting!


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