Friday, January 16, 2015

No one is Perfect. Who'd want to be?

Being human means you make mistakes, you aren't perfect. I think it is funny how we run across people in our lives who think they don't make mistakes. I make mistakes daily! I don't know how to stop! However, I try to learn from them and make sure that the next time I make a mistake, it isn't the one I've already made! :)

It's how we handle mistakes that builds our character and shows us who we are. I am an All'asta consultant. I have absolutely no clue what I'm doing. However, I'm learning as I go and faking the funk. I'm having fun! And there are bound to be situations that come up where I have no clue how to handle them. So what I do is go to my list of consultants on facebook {we've got a special group! It makes me feel like an "All'asta for Dummies" book come to life! So whenever I mess I go to them and get advice. I had this hostess who was so great, we worked together and created a wonderful event! The hostess was so excited on how the party had gone, it was one of my biggest parties to date and I believed I got a friend out of the deal.

Well, the hostess didn't close that evening, and ended up getting outside orders. She wouldn't give me names, or contact info and party had to close a few days later than expected and was now a RUSH to get the orders done for Christmas. There ended up being errors in these orders as the hostesses gave me wrong item numbers. How am I to know as I don't have order forms, but only the numbers she gave to me? Anyways, not a big deal, I worked hard to correct the issues. I returned items, exchanged items, even purchased items that I thought I could use and reordered the correct items. I even stayed up til 2 in the morning as one customers order was a gift, so I made a Christmas ornament that the customer could gift with a photo of the actual item and it was so cute! I paid for shipping on items out of pocket even though the mistakes weren't my fault. I went above and beyond! The entire time, I did apologize that mistakes were made and that all we could do was move forward from this point.

And after all was done, I offered up coupons to the Hostess as well as one customer for 15% off any future orders from the new Spring/Summer 2015 catalog that is said to come out February 1, 2015! Hostess's response to me was "Thank you, But No Thank You". She also proceeded to tell me all the mistakes that I had made, even though they weren't all on me and that she has such a negative taste in her mouth about my company she would never even consider ordering our products again.

I handled myself with grace and said I was sorry she felt that way. I've never had to bite my tongue so hard! Mistakes are made, but apologies and correcting mistakes are suppose to erase mistakes! Then I had to think to myself, this was an extreme case. I've never had an unhappy Hostess before, and orders have never been messed up before. So I know that I've worked really hard to correct the mistakes I make and build a business that is continuing to grow!

I can't please everyone and the more I encounter people like this, it makes me realize that it is how you handle situations that shows who you are as a person and if you just kill them with kindness and do what you can, the rest is up to them. You can sleep peacefully at night knowing you are still a good person even though you have faults. I don't wish to live a perfect life, a life of no mistakes. I'd rather have imperfections as it is pretty hard to live a perfect life, and once you've reached the point of perfection, what else is there to achieve in life?

With that being said...go on over to All'asta and check out my site:! Lots of fabulous finds to buy! If you are wondering what items will be going away with the new catalog, here is the retirement list! We are a growing company and we will be 3 years New on February 1st. If you find that you LOVE everything, join. And join NOW! The spring feature kit is absolutely LOVELY and I would love to have you on my team! When you join a ground floor company, you will find yourself there for life and you will find that the potential for success is WILD!

Catch you later!

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