Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Getting My Art On...

Happy Tuesday everyone!

I finally feel like I'm getting organized daily bit by bit. So by next December...I should have the house all set! LOL...Yearh right. However, it is a start. I had a shirt back in the 6th grade that said "Everything is better in moderation" and then it had 6 cartoony pictures on it of Mac N Cheese, Lipstick, Coffee, etc...To this day I remember that shirt and think fondly of it and sometimes adhere it to my every day...I think if you do everything all at once, what is there to do tomorrow? I think I would be bored out of my whits!

So instead, I find myself reaching for my art pad, journal, or canvases. Late at night I itch to pick up a paint brush. So that is just what I do. I don't go to a quiet room and visualize an image to put onto canvas. Instead, I lay out a garbage bag on the living room floor, bring in all my supplies and turn on NCIS and paint until an image starts to form. Sometimes they turn out, sometimes they do not. But a few months back, I found myself in a funk. Really depressed. Crying at anything. Didn't know what the heck was wrong with me. Even talked with my doctors, and they referred me to a counselor, however, I have to wait til the end of February, and that was at the beginning of December. So I had to do something to break free of the fog. Art is doing that for me.

Today I was talking with my sister as she has found the same outlet. She's so talented and I love seeing her creations. She told me the same of me. It was weird as I paint or draw just for me. I don't think I'm good and often times think I'm faking the funk, but I've been able to provide for my family on my illustrations in the stamping and scrapbooking community for the past 10 years. Why not painting right? I'm excited to see where this new venture takes me, but it wasn't until I stopped worrying about what others would think of my art that I actually started to create it. It's releasing me and I'm finding a voice and I find it is addicting...It's freeing my mind and I see visions of artwork daily in my head that I itch to put to canvas. I just hope I don't forget them before I have a chance to paint them! :)

With these paintings, I'm going to be teaching some paint classes and cannot wait! Paint parties, Pope County Fair, Wine & Paint Nights, etc...I'm most looking forward to doing kids birthday parties as I LOVE watching kids explore their talents, especially my own children! I get proud to see their finished creations! Hope to share some of these classes with you in the future!

So here are a few paintings I've done lately that I'm very proud of. I'm not sure of my exact style, but maybe along the lines of "Surrealism"? Anyways, if you are interested in purchasing any of these pieces or if you've got an idea of something you would like to see me paint, got to My Etsy Shop please leave a comment! I know the chances of anyone reading my blog are slim, but I always love to hear from people! :)

Have a blessed day!


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