Friday, May 18, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Baby Jack!!!

Hello everyone! Hope you enjoy a beautiful weekend!!!

Today I'm happy & I'm sad, and this is because my baby boy turns 1 years old today! I cherish every moment of every stage and I am rewarded with a wonderful little boy. Jack is such a light in all of our lives and is absolutely never crabby. He goes to sleep on a dime, plays with his older brothers, eats almost everything {others are picky eaters}, and is always smiling. Which is a pretty darn cute smile because he has no teeth yet! LO
L...So I wanted to take this opportunity and wish Jack a Happy 1st Birthday!!! I hope you have a wonderful celebration and know how much we are blessed to have you belong to us!!! Love you Mr. Smiles!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jack at Birth
Jack's 1st Photo Op
Jack's 1 Year Photo Op


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Giovana said...

Happy Birthday Jack!! May the Lord bless you. Beautiful pictures.