Thursday, April 5, 2012

Organization: Entry Unit

Hello everyone! Happy Thursday!

This past Sunday, I had pent up energy and went to cleaning. I am in the process of turning my spare room from a stamp
catastrophe to a guest bedroom/craft room. I spaced taking a before picture {trust me when I say it was HORRIBLE!}...but did manage to take a picture about an hour into the cleaning process...Will post later in time to give the full effect...but for now, wanted to share my latest accomplishment for spring cleaning!

So Sunday, I was fed up with our PILE of coats, boots, shoes, mittens, hats, pants, sweatshirts, etc. in our entry room from the garage. The room is 26x26' and really isn't used for anything except kids toys and a pool table. No one sees this room except us. So for the past 5 years, we've been laying our stuff in one big pile. No rhyme or reason to the
madness. And with 3 boys, it was getting very difficult to find matching shoes or mittens!!!
So I set off to organize the chaos that was the entry...Here is a midway through pictures, because again, I forgot to take the before because I was in such a flurry!!! And also, here is the after. I took an old metal shelving unit that was in my stamp room and moved it to be my new entryway organizer!!! Very frugal in my opinion because I'm reusing a system I didn't need anymore, also reused 3 wicker baskets! So total cost is $0! LOL...Organized 72 pair of shoes, sandals, boots and slippers; 12 hoodies; 14 winter jackets; 4 snowpants/suites; 11 hats, 4 scarves, 13 pairs of mittens, and a partridge in a pair tree! LOL...

Hope you find it useful...if not, thanks for letting me think you do! Woot woot!


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