Monday, April 2, 2012

Family Time: Spring Mini Vacation

Hello everyone! Happy Monday!
Wow, what a fun and busy weekend! Our weekend was 4 days long. Took a trip with the family to stay at a Hotel/Waterpark in Brainerd, MN. BEAUTIFUL Country up there. Only about an hour from here, but enough vacation when traveling with 3 young boys. We weren't able to get outside at all because it rained the entire time we were there, but we did enjoy lots of games and activities. We were comped 80 tokens to play in the arcade. Lance & I tried our best to win tickets for some small prizes to take home while Adam & Daddy didn't do anything but ride the Thomas ride! Needless to say, Adam was in "Heaven"!We spent a lot of time shopping and eating as well as a lot of time enjoying the waterpark itself. Out of the 3 Waterpark Hotels in the Brainerd/Baxter area, the Holiday Inn is by far the best when traveling with children. Especially children under 42". Lance was able to ride the slides with an adult, swim the canals and the big pool and run around on the children's park. This is also best for smaller children because it is 0" all around so you don't have to worry about not watching them in case of "accidents"...The slide is also perfect for smaller children and every 30 minutes, they have a bucket that dumps all over the waiting bystanders on the ground...

Adam after going down the slide with daddy!
Adam waiting for daddy & Lance to come down the waterslide!
Lance waiting for daddy & Adam to come down the waterslide!
GIANT water bucket that would spill onto the waiting crowd below every 30 minutes. A warning bell goes off for 5 minutes so you can stop whatever you are doing and make it over to the bucket dumping! So fun!
Lance after the dumping of the water!
Baby Jack does not enjoy water like his older brothers. He just hung out in the stroller, mostly trying not to get wet and trying to take a snooze...
Lance putting his swimming lessons to the test in the deap waters of the "big boy" pool! {On a side note, Lance past 6 levels of swim lessons in only 3 months! What a fabulous accomplishment! Mom & Dad are so proud!}
I'm not a walking spokesperson, I just really enjoy mini vacations with my family, and since we enjoy outdoors as well as waterparks, we most likely end up in Brainerd sooner or later so have come to favor the Holiday Inn.
But, by the time we got home, all the kiddos and adults needed to catch up on some sleep and get things put back in order. Good thing we came home Saturday so we had some time to recoup before back to the work week!

Anyways, hope you all have a wonderful day!

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